Exhibitors at ResearchPharm® 2021


ADM-SIO is world leader in manufacturing fully documented purified oils, used as active ingredients or excipients in the pharmaceutical industry.
We offer an extensive range of highly purified oils, derived from vegetable origins that meet all relevant pharmaceutical regulations (ANSM, EDQM, FDA) and manufactured according to cGMP standards.


  • Highly purified soybean oil
  • Highly purified olive oil
  • Highly purified sesame oil

With ADM providing the best solutions and practices for the sourcing of starting materials used to produce pharmaceutical ingredients, we aim at delivering the very best solutions to fit the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.


Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) is a global leader in life sciences, diagnostics, and applied chemical markets. With more than 50 years of insight and innovation, Agilent instruments, software, services, solutions, and people provide trusted answers to customers' most challenging questions. The company generated revenues of $4.91 billion in fiscal 2018 and employs 15,550 people worldwide. Information about Agilent is available at www.agilent.com. To receive the latest Agilent news, subscribe to our Newsroom. Follow Agilent on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.



ARMOR PHARMA manufactures and markets 3 ranges of pharmaceutical grade lactose for all your applications: 

  • ARMOR PHARMA™ lactose monohydrate: sieved & milled lactose for sachets, tablets and capsules formulation
  • EXCIPRESS™: lactose for Direct Compression
  • EXCIPURE™: lactose for Dry powder Inhalation 

Our state of the art industrial facility, located in Brittany, FRANCE, is in full compliance with pharmaceutical standards (cGMP, GDP, PAT) and enables the production of lactose in line with pharmaceutical regulations: Ph-EU, USP-NF, and JP.

ARMOR PHARMA's ambition is to design solutions that best support customer's development. Our positionning reflects this philosophy, centred on a question that makes sense: "How would you like your lactose?" 

For more information, or to tell us how you would like your lactose:   


Asahi Kasei Europe

Asahi Kasei’s key product is CeolusTM, functional grades of microcrystalline cellulose (MCC) with outstanding compactability and flowability due to a special particle structure. This allows for avoiding typical formulation challenges like tablet mass segregation, capping, slow/fast disintegration, low tablet hardness or the changing of the API structure. CelphereTM, Asahi Kasei’s MCC spherical cores allow the combination of incompatible APIs in one tablet, achieve different release profiles and improve the acceptability of products. Special grades of our pregelatinized starch PC-10 can be applied for the protection of moisture sensitive APIs in the formulation.



Who thinks outside the box to get more in it? We do.

Delivering pharmaceutical and nutraceutical performance, Ashland provides solutions for
applications in tablet binding, film coating and disintegration, controlled-release formulation
and drug solubilization. Ashland creates value for customers through bioavailability
enhancement solutions, applications knowledge, market insight, regulatory support and a
powerful product portfolio. Our full line of products, combined with our global R&D
capabilities, can help deliver your drugs when and where they're needed. As a full-service
resource, Ashland can help you bind, coat, dissolve and deliver solutions that can yield
better patient outcomes.


BakerHicks AG

BakerHicks extended experience in the pharma, biotech, medtech, fine chemicals and energy sectors make our know-how unique and enable us to provide our customers with fully-integrated, complete and tailored solutions. 

Our top-notch performance and one-stop-shop characteristics have made us a reliable engineering partner in the D-A-CH Region.


Balda Medical GmbH

Balda, part of Stevanato Group, focuses on high precision injection molding and automated assembly and packaging. Being a one-stop solution provider, Balda offers a broad range of capabilities – from development to the delivery of a final product, packed and sterilized where appropriate. Balda´s class 7 and class 8 clean room production environments are equipped to support rigid product manufacturing and assembly specifications. Exceptional quality, a 110-year history and over 1 billion parts a year are proof to our strong capabilities and success.



BASF offers comprehensive solutions to the pharmaceutical industry, ranging from a broad, high-quality excipients portfolio to APIs. With its expertise in polymer chemistry, its worldwide R&D capabilities and the company’s commitment to developing value-adding excipients, BASF continuously creates solutions to challenges related to Instant & Modified-Release, Solubilization, Softgels, Biologic Solutions and Skin Delivery. 



Bayer is a Life Science company with a more than 150-year history and core competencies in the areas of health care and agriculture. With our innovative products, we are contributing to finding solutions to some of the major challenges of our time. The growing and increasingly aging world population requires improved medical care and an adequate supply of food. Bayer is improving people’s quality of life by preventing, alleviating and treating diseases. And we are helping to provide a reliable supply of high-quality food, feed and plant-based raw materials.


Beckman Coulter Eurocenter S.A.

Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is dedicated to developing and providing advanced technologies and equipment for research and discovery to explore new treatment methods. Our products include Centrifugation, Flow Cytometry, Liquid Handling, Genomic solutions and Particle Characterization which are implemented in all major areas of Life Sciences such as biology, biochemistry, biophysics, nanotechnology and molecular biology to simplify and automate existing processes in the lab.

Our vision: Advancing Science through discovery – Our mission: Delivering innovative and trusted scientific solutions across the globe.




BENEO’s excipient galenIQ™ (Isomalt Ph Eur, BP, USP-NF, JP and approved in China with an Import Drug License) is a range of water-soluble filler-binders. Derived from beet sugar it has a sweet taste and promotes a pleasant, well-balanced gustatory profile in pharmaceutical formulations. Due to these unique sensorial properties it is an optimal choice for solid and liquid oral applications, and especially those in combination with active ingredients or plant extracts which have a bitter and / or unpleasant flavour. Being a member of the International Pharmaceutical Excipients Council (IPEC) the company produces galenIQ™ under GMP conditions for pharmaceutical excipients.



Filmcoating excellence is BIOGRUND's core business. Our unique and ready-to-use film coating, sugar-coating, tabletting and colouring excipient premixes guarantee optimized results in a short time. BIOGRUND assists the nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical industries in the development, formulation and production of solid oral dosage forms. Customized film coating systems for fast, enteric and sustained release. Furthermore, premixed tabletting excipients like binders, lubricants, retard release compositions and pigment blends deliver new possibilities to improve your production processes. Easy, fast and reliable!


Bioneer A/S

Bioneer is a research-driven company providing innovative R&D based solutions.

Bioneer: Farma, a BU of Bioneer provides the highest level of pharmaceutical services and contract R&D in drug development for both small molecules and biologics. 

  • Preformulation
  • Customized drug delivery systems; orals, lipids, liposomes, dermatology
  • Predictive in-vitro models; Dynamic Gastric Model (DGM), Intestinal model
  • Barrier and transport models; Skin, Caco-2, BBB, Buccal
  • Solid state characterization; XRPD, RAMAN
  • Chemical stability and analysis

Bioneer also provides services in:

  • human disease models; stem cell/iPS derived, neuronal and immune models.
  • Molecular histology & Detection; biomarker, multiplexing, RNA scope, single cell
  • Recombinant proteins; production, purification and characterization


Bosch Packaging Technology

Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

Since the 1950's, we have been dedicated to providing the pharmaceutical market with high quality phosphate based excipients for liquid and solid dosage forms. Continuous development and improvement of our products, exclusivelymanufactured in Germany following current GMP and cGDP, make us a unique partner and ensure the best solutions for your business. Beside proven quality by our customers and by independent third-party certifications, we have earned our reputation by a close collaboration with our partners, which includes technical service and regulatory support. This long-term commitment is an additional incentive for us to continue to focus on customer oriented solutions.



COLVISTEC AG, located in Berlin-Adlershof's Science Park, is a technology provider in the field of optical spectral photometry for inline application in processes (UV-VIS, NIR and RAMAN). We offer the worldwide first triple spectroscopy platform as PAT for applications like Hot Melt Extrusion and other processes in the pharmaceutical field. We generate value through early detection and prevention of errors via process monitoring and continuous quality control. Optical probes provide solutions for applications, including transparent and opaque materials. Areas of expertise are: hot melt extrusion, powder and pellet form materials, mixing processes, liquid and paste materials, cosmetics, food etc.




DMV - Fronterra Excipients GmbH & Co. KG

DFE Pharma is the global leader in excipient solutions. We develop, produce and market excipients for oral solid dose and dry powder inhalation. Our portfolio consists of filler/binders (Lactose, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Starches), superdisintegrants (Croscarmellose Sodium and Sodium Starch Glycolate) and carriers for inhalation (Lactose).



connecting values – creating solutions

DS Technology is an innovative partner for bringing creative products rapidly to market. In close cooperation with clients the company creates bespoke superior solutions on the basis customer input and needs. Partners benefit from the wealth of experience in pharmaceutical processes, a multitude of manufacturing technologies and a careful selection of the most suitable materials. DS Technology focusses on the customer, its product and success.



Elsevier is a global information analytics business that helps scientists and clinicians to find new answers, reshape human knowledge, and tackle the most urgent human crises.


Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Evonik is one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies. The business line Health Care serves more than 1,000 pharmaceutical, medical device and nutraceutical customers worldwide. As a global CMO leader for API, HPAPI and intermediates, we bring together the advanced technologies and expertise across chemistry and biotechnology to reliably produce complex, high-value compounds. As an enabling partner for advanced drug delivery, we combine versatile portfolios of functional excipients with best-in-class formulation development, analysis and GMP services. We are also a reliable supplier of high-quality generic API, intermediates, amino acids and cell culture ingredients. Make Evonik your competitive advantage.


The Fitzpatrick Company

Quadro Engineering Corp. and The Fitzpatrick Company are both IDEX Material Processing Technologies business units. 

The Fitzpatrick Company engineers, manufactures and markets the FitzMillComminutor for precise particle size reduction, and the Chilsonator® Roll Compactor for dry granulation/powder agglomeration.  Fitzpatrick provides fully scalable solutions, for lab/R&D to production, with repeatable and reproducible results.


Fluid Air Europe

Fluid Air has established as an innovator in developing equipment for the creation and treatment of powders and particles.
Fluid Air provides customized solutions for Solid Dosage process challenges in industries including pharmaceuticals, foods, nutraceuticals and cosmetics.
Introducing the patent-pending PolarDry® Electrostatic Spray Dryer.



Primary markets served by Freund-Vector Corporation include the pharmaceutical, nutritional, chemical, cosmetic, confectionery and food industries.

The Freund-Vector product lines includes Coating Pan systems for applying an aqueous, solvent or sugar film coating; Fluid Bed systems for granulating, coating, spherinizing and drying; Roll Compactors for material densification and granulation; High Shear granulators for wet granulation and mixing; Spray Dryers for creating small particles along with Automated Process Control systems for all the equipment/systems.

Our two laboratory facilities specialize in product feasibility, product development and process technologies to provide expertise to support marketing of all the product lines.


Frewitt fabrique de machines SA

Since 1496, Frewitt Ltd., located near Fribourg, Switzerland, has been at the forefront in the development of milling processes, as well as the manufacturing of premium quality mills for renowned, industry-leading clientele active in the pharmaceutical, fine chemical, and food sectors. Oriented towards the present and future needs of its customers, as well as the anticipation of future trends, Frewitt places its first priority on providing optimal process solutions and thereafter delivering cutting-edge milling, sieving, homogenizing, deagglomerating, conveying, dosing, and filling systems for powders and granulates of every type.


Gala Kunststoff- und Kautschukmaschinen GmbH

Maag is the worldwide leading manufacturer of gear pumps, pelletizing systems, filtration systems and pulverizers for demanding applications in the pharma, food, plastics, chemical and petrochemical industries. Maag develops, manufactures, and distributes innovative, customized solutions for complete pump and pelletizing systems.
Ettlinger Kunststoffmaschinen GmbH joined the Maag family in 2018. Maag is represented in the markets with its brands „Maag Pump & Filtration Systems“, „Automatik Scheer Strand Pelletizers“, „Gala Automatik Underwater Pelletizers“ and „Reduction Pulverizing Systems“.


Gamlen Tableting Ltd

Tableting by Design™ - Test Formulations in Minutes!
We produce the Gamlen Powder Compaction Analyzer, the world's first force-controlled computerised benchtop instrument for making tablets one at a time and for material characterisation, preformulation, formulation, process development, QbD for tablets, and QC of APIs and excipients.  Tablets can be made and tested in minutes.

We also supply the GTP-SafeTab, a lightweight, portable benchtop enclosure for handling highly-potent APIs, and the GamPette, a powder pipette for reliably and reproducibly delivering small volumes of powder.



A leading provider of functional excipients for oral, topical, rectal drug delivery. Drop by our stand to learn how lipid excipients resolve solubility and their biopharmaceutical properties which increase bioavailability: formulation approaches for advanced modified drug release systems or skin penetration, permeation enhancement. We also have educational programmes with Universities and research collaborations in oral peptide delivery, nanoparticle drug delivery systems and innovative processes, including 3D printing.


Gironex Ltd

GiroNEX Ltd provides Automated Powder Dispensing instruments for the pharma and related industries.  Many applications require repeated weighing of mg quantities of single or multiple powders. GiroNEX combines engineering innovation and autonomous technology to deliver mg quantities of powder, directly into vials or capsules for both the laboratory and production environments.
Based in the award-winning Innovation Centre, nr Cambridge, UK, and housed, GiroNEX offers a new approach to routine powder dispensing.



Glatt Pharmaceutical Services is the CDMO division of Glatt. We develop and produce solid pharmaceutical dosage forms as a service provider. The core areas are multiparticulates such as pellets and micropellets as well as granulates. Glatt also offers additional suitable technological solutions, for example, taste masking of human and animal medications, improvement of bioavailability and chemical stabilization of drugs.



Grace, built on talent, technology and trust, is a premier specialty chemicals company that provides innovative products, technologies and services that support pharmaceutical development and manufacturing. As a worldwide leader in specialty silica gel manufacturing, Grace’s portfolio of solutions for the pharmaceutical industry include SYLOID® formulation excipients, SILSOL® silica-based drug delivery technologies, VYDAC® and DAVISIL® bulk chromatographic media, and custom intermediates and regulatory starting materials.



Granutools improves powder understanding by delivering leading edge physical characterization tools.

Combining decades of experience in scientific instrumentation with fundamental research on powder characterization, we offer a unique set of complementary instruments.

All we do is powder flow characterization.

Named after their purpose, our instruments are tools to understand macroscopic behavior of powders.

Granuflow for flow, Granuheap for static cohesion, Granudrum for dynamic cohesion, Granupack for tap density and Granucharge for triboelectric charge measurements.



HARKE Pharma GmbH

Harke Pharma is a technocological driven distributor based in Mülheim, Germany.

We offer a wide range of high quality excipients, suitable for the development of solid and semi-solid dosage forms.

Our technicians offer formulation assistance for classical techniques like instant release or enteric coating, direct compression or granulation, controlled release matrix development or layering and extrusion spheronisation processes.

Additionally we offer solutions for the development of solid dispersions, in case of hot melt extrusion, development of mini tablets, etc.

Benefit from our experience to set up innovative formulations based on high class excipients.


Harro Höfliger

Harro Höfliger have been supplying the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector for over 40 years with machinery for capsule filling and weighing, format free tablet weighing, transdermal patch and advanced wound care dressing conversion. Stoma bag assembly. Sterile drug delivery system assembly for novel devices such as micro needles, injection pumps and novel injection devices. Standard medical device assembly. Powder inhaler filling, sealing, weighing and assembly. Complete automation solutions for medical devices such as sutures. Aseptic filling of infusion bags. Cost saving solutions for cartoning and top loading of healthcare products.



The INTERREG 2 Seas project “Site-Specific Drug Delivery” aims at developing innovative site-specific drug delivery systems for the colon, inner ear, peritoneal cavity and breast. Medical treatments for Crohn’s disease, deafness and metastases in the peritoneal cavity are to be improved and breast reconstruction is to be facilitated. Consortium partners: Universities of Lille (Prof. Siepmann), Cambridge (Prof. Zeitler), Ghent (Prof. Vervaet), London (Prof. Basit), Leiden (Prof. Jiskoot), Delft (Prof. Zadpoor), Lille University Hospital, Lattice Medical and Prodigest. This project is funded by the Interreg 2 Seas programme 2014-2020 and the European Regional Development Fund under subsidy contract Site Drug 2S07033.




Jiangsu Lefan Capsule Co., Ltd

Lefan Capsule, founded in 2001, designs 20 billion hollow capsules per year,and has passed international quality certification. This wealth of experience allows Lefan Capsule to effectively integrate the spirit of "doing business rather than the pursuit of profit " as the business concept. We have been committed long-term to do one thing only: produce safe and stable empty capsules.


JRS Pharma GmbH

JRS Pharma is a leading manufacturer of excipients, offering a complete portfolio of solutions for the global health science industry. Their excipients portfolio includes: high functionality excipients, binders, disintegrants, lubricants, functional fillers, thickeners, stabilizers, carriers, and coatings. In addition to their wide range of excipients, they offer excellent technical support to address the needs and formulation challenges of their customers. Our experts are at your disposal at the poster session where we display our posters.



For more than 75 years, Kerry has earned its reputation as a successful world-class pharmaceutical supplier that demonstrates excellence in consistent, high-yielding, customer-specific solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, and nutrition markets. 

We bring together our superior products with new innovative solutions and market-driving alternatives such as pharmaceutical grade lactose excipients, film coating, self-lubricating excipients, tableting systems, and flavors to help our customers succeed in today’s challenging global marketplace.

We have the worldwide resources and global technical platform to deliver consistent, high quality products backed by unparalleled service, technical support and formulation customization capabilities.


KML Vision GmbH

The Austrian company KML Vision GmbH provides software solutions for image data management and automated image analysis. Their core product is the web-based platform IKOSA®, which is specifically designed to support R&D in Pharma, CROs, and Core Facilities that use imaging within their processes. IKOSA® supports a broad range of image formats and sizes and offers easy access to modern, high quality image data management. Accurate, reproducible image analysis applications based on Deep Learning/Artificial Intelligence are served directly at the hand of the users. Furthermore, KML Vision develops individual image analysis modules tailored for the needs of partners and customers.


Leon-Nanodrugs GmbH

Leon. Enabling nano now
It is estimated that over 80% of pharmaceutical pipeline API’s are poorly soluble in water.  Leon’s ‘enabling nano now’ value proposition delivers novel, ready to use, validated, nano solutions that create value for partners and meets an unmet medical need for patients.

Its patented microjet reactor MJR® technology platform offers access to the next generation of SMART nano-particles™ and nano-formulated drugs, adding value at every stage of the chain from partners and payers to caregivers and patients.

At the forefront of innovation in the international pharmaceutical market, Leon is leading the way in supergenerics and high-barrier generics, revitalizing forgotten formulations and expediting APIs to deliver improved stability, increased solubility and enhanced bioavailability.


Lonza Pharma & Biotech

At Lonza Pharma & Biotech we provide contract development and manufacturing services that enable pharma and biotech companies to bring medicines to patients in need. From the building blocks of life to the final drug product, our solutions are created to simplify your outsourcing experience and provide a reliable outcome, at the time when you expect it. Our extensive track record includes commercialization of pioneering therapies and manufacturing of a wide variety of biological and chemical drugs. We continuously invest to solve not just the current, but also the future challenges. Together, we can bring your next medicine to life.


LTS Lohmann Therapie-Systeme AG

LTS is the global leader in the development and manufacture of transdermal systems and oral thin films with additional innovative technologies in development. The products developed by LTS comprise a multitude of innovations, such as first and only patch for treatment of Alzheimer and the only patch against Parkinson's and Restless-Legs-Syndrome, which is  the first medication in the world available only as a patch.

The innovation capability of LTS led the way for oral thin film products on the market with the introduction of Listerine® Pocketpaks®, which dominate the North American market.

LTS supports its cooperation partners from product inception through commercialisation in our FDA approved facilities in Germany and USA.

More than 3,000 patents reinforce the top position of LTS group in development of its technologies.


Lubrizol Life Science Health

The Health business team at Lubrizol Life Science partners with customers to speed their innovative medical devices and differentiated pharmaceutical products to market. Our dedicated team provides best-in-class polymers and excipients, along with state-of-the-art product design, development, and manufacturing services, with the ultimate goal of creating solutions that improve patient outcomes.


The MAAG Group

The MAAG Group is a broadly diversified global solutions provider with integrated and customizable systems in process technology for the pharma, food, polymer, chemical and petrochemical industries. Its Pump & Filtration Systems, Pelletizing Systems, Pulverizing Systems, and Recycling Systems divisions consolidate the many years of experience and in-depth know-how of the AUTOMATIK, ETTLINGER, GALA, MAAG, REDUCTION, and SCHEER product brands.
The MAAG Group is a business unit of Pumps & Process Solutions, a segment of the Dover Corporation.


MDPI Pharmaceutics

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Perrie, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK

Pharmaceutics (ISSN 1999-4923) is an open access journal which provides an advanced forum for the science and technology of pharmaceutics and biopharmaceutics. It publishes reviews, regular research papers, communications, and short notes. Covered topics include pharmacokinetics, toxicokinetics, pharmacodynamics, pharmacogenetics and pharmacogenomics, and pharmaceutical formulation.



A focused concept

Medelpharm has always been focused on one thing:
Offering the best technologies and services for optimum and easier tableting.

A portfolio facilitating development for the formulation scientist and development expert,
offering solutions beyond pure technology ….

•    STYL’One Evolution, state of the art multilayer R&D press, stands for reliable prediction of powder behaviour in compaction and dry granulation at production speed.
•    STYL’One Nano is the most powerful benchtop research press, leveraging on advanced technologies to address USP1062 requirements.
•    Alix is a newly announced software platform dedicated to compression research and development.
Our team of scientists, engineers and training specialists are happy to assist every customer on whatever challenges he might face. 

Equipment made by people for people


MEGGLE Excipients & Technology

Experts in Excipients

MEGGLE Excipients & Technology is a global leader in manufacturing lactose for the pharmaceutical industry.  We offer a broad product portfolio of lactose excipients, co-processed technologies and excipient contract manufacturing.  

MEGGLE is a pioneer in co-processing technologies and developed highly functional excipients possessing unique qualities for directly compressible immediate and sustained release pharmaceutical solid dosage forms.

  • Lactose monohydrate
  • Anhydrous Lactose
  • Co-Processed Excipients
  • Lactose for Inhalation
  • Lactose for lyophilization and parentral applications
  • Tailor-made lactose products


  • Spray drying
  • Co-Processing
  • Agglomeration
  • Product Customization


MeltPrep GmbH

MeltPrep is an innovative laboratory equipment producer which has developed the first tailor made process, specialized for sample preparation of thermoplastic materials. MeltPrep offers equipment based on its patented vacuum compression molding (VCM) process. The VCM products enable the lossless and rapid production of solid samples with different, geometries starting from powder, via a fusion based method performed under vacuum. The samples mimic hot-melt extruded (HME) formulations. The source materials’ characteristics are not altered as minimum shear and heat load are applied. This enables accurate material characterization of samples produced by VCM which also improves your engineering and simulation results.
Is your HME development tedious? Visit our stand and learn how to do it.




Merck is a leading science and technology company in healthcare, life science and performance materials. Merck offers more than 400 pharmaceutical formulation raw materials for solid, liquid and semi-solid dosage forms, a wide range of active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug delivery compounds which include activated PEGs, lipids, PEG lipids for bioavailability enhancement. In addition, Merck provides extensive documentation and support to assure regulatory compliance. Through dedicated collaboration on new scientific and engineering insights, Merck serves as a strategic partner to help advance the promise of life saving therapies. For more information on the company's portfolio, please visit:



MG2. Capsule fillers & packaging technology.

Since 1966, MG2 has been a market leader in the designing and manufacturing of capsule fillers. As well as machines used to dose products into hard shell capsules and other small containers, MG2 Process Division manufactures complementary production quality control machines, weight control systems, weighing/counting/sorting machines for tablets and capsules.
The Packaging Division offers reliable packaging machines for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and foodstuffs, such as: cartoners, case-packers, forming and filling machines for boxes/trays, palletizers, serialization systems for cartons, bottles and bundled products.

MG2. Keeping ahead for you.


Munit SA

MUNIT is operating in the field of MICRONIZATION of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), High Potent APIs, Cytotoxic and Cytostatic compounds, Inhalation products, Steroids, R&D compounds and Generics.

In MUNIT we have combined the technical and commercial expertise of its affiliates Jetpharma SA (Switzerland) and Microchem Srl (Italy) making the best out of 40 years of leadership in the micronization sector.

MUNIT is your access point to JETPHARMAs and MICROCHEMs services:

  •        Jet- , Pin- and Hammer milling
  •        Cryogenic Micronization
  •       Co- micronization
  •        Sieving, Blending, De-Lumping
  •        Technical trials, DoE Studies,  Process development and validation
  •         QbD
  •         PSD analysis etc.



Nanoform is an innovative nanoparticle medicine-enabling company that works together with global Pharma and biotech partners to devise solutions to complex formulation challenges. Nanoform’s multi-patented and scalable Controlled Expansion of Supercritical Solutions (CESS®) process can produce uniform nanoparticles as small as 10nm, facilitating transport even across biological barriers. As particles smaller than 100nm have significantly enhanced surface areas, this can increase drug dissolution rates and improve bioavailability, allowing drugs of poor solubility in the pharmaceutical pipeline to progress to clinical development. CESS® enables lower dosage and safer products to be developed with reduced side-effects and permits combination therapies, which would otherwise be prohibited by the large dosages of either drug. The award-winning technology is also ushering in a new era of ocular, pulmonary and transdermal drug delivery applications, along with enhanced delivery of drug particles across the blood-brain barrier.



The European pharmaceutical full service CDMO, equipped and ready to support you along the entire product lifecycle within our standard services and niche areas such as hormones, betalactam antibiotics and controlled substances.

Pharmaceutical Development

  • Formulation and process development, process validation for solids, semi-solids and liquids
  • Special focus on Pediatric dose development
  • Analytical method development & Validation
  • Stability testing

Clinical supply

  • Clinical batch manufacture
  • Phase I – IV clinical trials supply
  • Worldwide distribution
  • Regulatory support

Commercial manufacturing

  • Tablets & Film Coated Tablets
  • Powders
  • Pellets
  • Capsules
  • Semi-Solids (gels, creams, ointments)
  • Liquids (oral liquids and suspensions, nasal sprays)



NISSO CHEMICAL EUROPE GmbH (NCE) was founded in 1989 as a subsidiary of Nippon Soda Co., Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. Based in Düsseldorf, NCE is able to respond swiftly and effectively to customer needs both in Europe and Africa.

NISSO HPC (Hydroxypropyl Cellulose) is one of the key products for NISSO Group. NCE distributes NISSO HPC to European, and African market, offering a wide range of viscosities and particle size formats for direct compression, roller compaction, wet granulation, extrusion, drug solubility enhancement, orodispersible tablets, controlled release matrices, and film coating applications. NISSO HPC is additives free, EP, USP/NF, and JP compliant. Latest new products are high viscosity non-GMO grades of NISSO HPC.


Parsum GmbH

The well-known technique of fiber optic spatial filter anemometry was developed by Parsum to measure the velocity and size of particles.

Based on this technology, Parsum offers complete measurement systems for the continuous acquisition of particle size distributions in real time directly in various production processes. 

In contrast to conventional laboratory methods, the robust inline probes can be used, for example, to visualize granule growth or coating build-up in batch processes or to ensure consistent product quality in continuous processes.

Critical process parameters such as spray rate and pressure, temperature, air volume etc. can be controlled and optimized product-specifically.



Pharma Test Apparatebau AG

Any pharmaceutical production facility requires routine testing of physical dosage form properties as well as active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) content. Since 1979 Pharma Test has been synonymous with the development and production of high-quality test devices and systems for the Quality Control of tablets, capsules, suppositories, ampoules, bulk materials, and other solid dosage formats. Pharma Test offers a complete product range from manual, physical testing instruments to fully automated, analytical test systems to analyze the active chemical composition of a dosage form as well as its release rate.


Quadro Engineering Corp.

Quadro Engineering Corp. and The Fitzpatrick Company are both IDEX Material Processing Technologies business units. 

Quadro is the originator of the conical screen mill.  Quadro engineers and manufactures an innovative line of size reduction and fine grind mills, as well as security screeners for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Cosmetic, Fine Chemical and Biotech industries.



The Research Center for Pharmaceutical Engineering (RCPE) is a global leader in pharmaceutical engineering sciences. We help our partners to create and manufacture advanced medicines for patients around the world, through optimising products and processes.
Leveraging the expertise of our unique multidisciplinary team and our state-of-the-art capabilities in modeling, material science, process design, quality assurance and control, we redefine current thinking in the field of healthcare offering cutting-edge, scientific solutions tailored to customer needs.
RCPE’s services encompass the entire value chain of pharmaceutical product development: continuous API synthesis, advanced formulations, next-generation manufacturing, and also device design and optimization.


Rottendorf Pharma GmbH

A leading global contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO), Rottendorf Pharma has been developing analytical methods and formulations, manufacturing, and packaging solid oral dosage forms for the global pharmaceutical industry for more than 90 years. Rottendorf operates under a philosophy of Total Process Ownership and Total Technological Mastering in which TPO and TTM reduces our clients’ management oversight requirements and costs by fully understanding the underlying process and the final goal of every task our customers assign to us. Clients choose Rottendorf Pharma for our broad-range of:

  • scientific & technological expertise
  • global regulatory capabilities
  • commitment to quality
  • state-of-the-art facilities


Sensum, Computer Vision Systems

Sensum specialises in the development and production of automatic visual inspection systems for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. Through its consistent innovation many leading multinational pharmaceutical companies (Pfizer, Novartis, Roche, Bayer, Eli Lilly, Teva, etc.) have recognised Sensum as the technology leader and a preferred supplier of machines for automatic visual inspection. Sensum provides high and mid capacity solutions for 100 % quality inspection of tablets, capsules, transparent capsules and softgels and in-line PAT solution for real-time visual monitoring of pharmaceutical processes.



With more than 50 years of knowledge about production of cellulose ether excipients, Shin-Etsu makes a valuable contribution in several areas of pharmaceutical technology.

In our portfolio you can find several functional excipients, such as:

  • L-HPC, a dual-functionality excipient that works as binder and disintegrant
  • Pharmacoat®and PVA, binders for granulation and film coating polymers
  • Metolose SM-4, polymer for pellet coating to reduce stickiness issues
  • Metolose SR®, hydrophilic matrix agent for sustained release applications
  • Shin-Etsu AQOAT® (HPMCAS) and HPMCP, polymers for enteric coating application and solid dispersion

Visit us at our booth to discuss technical applications with our products.


Stable Micro Systems

Stable Micro Systems, a leading designer and manufacturer of materials testing instrumentation for over 20 years, will be displaying its revolutionary Powder Flow Analyser and Texture Analyser for controlled release applications. The instrument will provide an accurate and reliable method of measuring the flow characteristics of dry and wet powders.

The TA.XTPlus Texture Analyser can also measure the hardness of granules  tablets or micro spheres, tablet disintegration and swelling and will perform mucoadhesion tests.  Visit our stand for a revealing demonstration of these two products and discuss your testing requirements with our product specialists.


Syntegon Technology GmbH

Syntegon Technology is a leading global process and packaging technology provider. Formerly the packaging division of the Bosch Group, the company, headquartered in Waiblingen (Germany), has been offering complete solutions for the pharmaceutical and food industries for over 50 years. More than 6,100 employees at 30 locations in more than 15 countries generated a total revenue of 1.3 billion euros in 2019. The portfolio of intelligent and sustainable technologies includes stand-alone machines, as well as complete systems and services. Fields of application in the pharmaceutical industry are the production, processing, filling, inspection and packaging of liquid and solid pharmaceuticals (e.g. syringes and capsules). In the food industry, the portfolio includes process technology for confectionery as well as packaging solutions for dry foods (e.g. bars, bakery products and coffee), frozen foods and dairy products.


Teledyne Hanson Research

Teledyne Hanson Research, a division of Teledyne Instruments, Inc., specializes in the design and manufacture of analytical test instruments for the pharmaceutical industry. Teledyne Hanson instruments are used by scientists in over 75 countries worldwide and are supported by the industry’s top customer service team.


Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Fisher Scientific has innovative solutions at every stage of the pharmaceutical process, from discovery through to production and QC. Our deep understanding of the challenges faced by producers of medicines allows us to forge partnerships that more quickly deliver next-generation drugs to market. Visit us on Booth 19 to see the latest innovations to help streamline your drug development process:

Characterize - understand API/excipient formulation properties 
Materialize - produce extruded solid dosage forms (eg. Implants, pellets etc.) 
Analyze - evaluate your solid formulations post-extrusion using a variety of techniques


Valicare GmbH

Valicare is an ISO-certified service supplier founded in 2002 as a 100 % daughter of the Syntegon Technology (formerly Robert Bosch Packaging Technology). The company, headquartered in Frankfurt (Main), offers services for the GMP-regulated industry, with a special focus on ATMP developer and manufacturer.
Our customers are small, medium-sized and large companies from the pharmaceutical, biotechnological and medical products manufacturing industry, but also scientific institutes that are seeking a GMP-compliant manufacturing authorization according to §13 AMG for their biological or biopharmaceutical product.
Our focus is GMP, ISO compliance and quality management consulting as well as risk-based qualification and validation support.


WITec GmbH

WITec GmbH pioneered 3D Raman imaging and correlative microscopy and continues to lead the industry with a unique product portfolio that offers speed, sensitivity and resolution without compromise. Raman, AFM, SNOM and SEM (RISE) microscopy solutions and select combinations thereof can be configured for specific challenges in chemical and structural characterization through a modular hardware architecture and software with built-in capacity for expansion. Research, development and production are located at WITec headquarters in Ulm, Germany, and the WITec sales and support network has an established presence in every global region.


XEDEV bvba

XEDEV is a Service Provider in Particle Engineering and Process Development, operating under “fee for service” principle.

We make the difference by combining expertise in Process, Formulation, Analytical with Equipment Engineering.

XEDEV is a spin out from ProCepT, housing 20 years equipment engineering and process know-how in drying, agglomeration and coating.

XEDEV offers services from a 1 day process feasibility run to complete process & formulation development,technology transfer, scale-up and analytical support

We support Pharma, Biotech, Chemical, Food, Cosmetic and Agro industries.