WHAT are the stand options and costs?

1. Stand space

The exhibition space per m² is 385,-€ + VAT

Sample calculation for a 9 square metre stand space:
9 x 385,- € = 3465,- € + VAT

Included in your stand space are 3 passes (1 exhibitor batch, 2 full conference batches), which will be issued for up to 9 m² stand space.
The personalized exhibitor passes are issued for every person working at the stand.
With the 2 full conference batches and the exhibitor batches you will receive three tickets for the Event Dinner and the Welcome Reception.

2. Additional tickets for exhibitors

costs for additional exhibitor tickets: € 300/each + VAT
Welcome Reception and Event Dinner are included in the price.

Apart from the exhibition, you have the opportunity to attend the lectures. As an exhibitor, you are granted a 10% discount on the regular registration fee. This offer is only valid for employees of the exhibiting company and cannot be transferred to third persons. The respective registration fees can be found in the event programme.

3. Rental stand

In addition to stand space, we offer rental stands for € 70/m² +VAT

The rental stand includes:

  • stand partition walls
  • fascia board with company name
  • grey carpet
  • lighting
  • electrical distribution box (with a differential switch of 25 A with magnetothermic of 10 A for lighting and a 20 A twin socket)

Sample calculation for a 9 square metre stand space:
9 x 70,- € = 630,- € + VAT

4. Exhibitor furniture package

To equip your booths we offer exhibitor furniture packages for € 265 per package + VAT including:

  • 1no. reception counter
  • 1no. medium round table
  • 3no. chairs and
  • 1no. waste bin
5. Customized design stands

Exhibitors who create their stand by themselves (customized design stands, not rental stand) have to send the plan and layout of the stand (incl. dimensions) to the booth constructor RCK: jose.vicente@rck.es and comercial@rck.es until 19 February 2018. The stands have to been approved by the architect before the building-up. The fee for this is 7.00 € per sqm. It is not allowed to set up a stand without the approval of RCK. It is only necessary if you are using your own materials, carpet, walls, builders etc. Pop up stands do not need any approval.

6. Co-Exhibitor

Co-exhibitor fee and catalogue, Internet fee per co-exhibitor 210.00,-€ + VAT
Please note that this fee doesn’t include additional exhibitor and/or full conference tickets.


Please download here:

Stand space and rental stand:

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